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Memory moves in one direction
The body moves in another
And something is
In Between

(I wish I knew the poet I'm plagiarizing for that stanza.)

I am available for event and environmental portrait work in the Northern NJ, and southern New York State region. For work elsewhere, I request reimbursement of travel expenses together with a modest stipend. Otherwise, I offer a flexible pricing scale intended to support the local arts community and non-profit endeavors. Prices for my services are available upon request, and I can be reached directly by email at:

(Remove the NOSPAMALLOWED and use the resulting address).

My day job requires me to continuously yack. Like most photographers, I hope that my work will speak for itself. But -

Life can be so beautiful. Sounds like something you might read on a t-shirt - but that is my motivation, usually, when I pick up my camera. If I can capture fleeting moments of beauty, happiness, and the like, these moments become easier to share and to, well, revere.

Fortunately, the editorial policy of the papers for which gave me my first professional opportunities afforded me the opportunity to satisfy my own creative impulses. My assignments allowed me to develop an eye and a rhythm for capturing candid but essential moments.

I seek those moments while trying to capture a certain dynamism that integrates traditional composition with more contemporary ideas of emotional directness.

This site is perpetually under construction. For photographs I consider generally representative of my overall aesthetic, browse over to the gallery "My Portfolio," usually located in the "Other" category. If you're here because you're looking for my work from a recent event or shoot, and I managed to skip sending you a link (maybe because I didn't get your email address), look around, you should be able to find your event in a reasonably logical category. If the event was at least semi-private and involved a preponderance of kids under the age of 15 or so, chances are that I've password protected the gallery of photographs. Email me for the password, or check out the "hint question." If you were present at the event, you should be able to figure it out.

Whether you buy prints or not, I remain grateful for all feedback, suggestions, rebuttals, and most critique.

Personal Background

Some of my most fond memories of photography involve rolling along the back roads and forgotten logging tracks in Autumn in the vicinity of Newfield, New York, and the Adirondacks/Essex County region, with my original SLR, a Nikon FG, and a cheap tripod strapped to my motorcycle. The visual tension between grinding rural poverty and the outrageous beauty of these areas helped me begin to realize the range of creative expression the camera can offer.

After I managed to finish my six years of college, however, I literally went years without touching a lens. Go figure. Eventually, I got to take a genuine vacation, and was offered an incentive to get acquainted with the technical advances in the digital medium. Ultimately, I decided to get serious in anticipation of my daughter's birth in 2005.

I shot on a fairly regular, albeit freelance basis, for the North Jersey Media Group, from roughly 2008 to 2014. Along the way, I somehow converted to Canon, as well. Recently, I set aside my trusty 40D and moved up to a full-frame body, a 5D Mark III. I am now discovering what wide-angle really means . . . wow.

I have also had an opportunity to participate in workshops and classes with some genuinely friendly and talented teachers who have helped me further develop my creative sensibilities.

Aside from event photography, some of my more artistic pieces have been selected for showing in corporate headquarters and professional office space, while I have donated proceeds from sale of my dog photography to shelter groups. I also practice law full time as a litigator in State and federal courts in New York and New Jersey.

I hope that my photography conveys some of the fascination I have for the way people interact with each other, and my wonder at the visual irony and beauty that gets too often overlooked.

Dulce est desipere in loco. - Horace